3 days left, look at all the ticks on my to do list… Or not.

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August 30, 2013 by mariannat92

So now it’s three days until Year Abroad, and I’d like to say I’ve packed my bags, sorted out my finances, printed my boarding passes, sorted out somewhere to live, printed out lovely pictures of all my friends and family to stick around my new room, said goodbye to the parents, left a nice tin of biscuits for the dog with my name lovingly hand carved into each one so he won’t forget me…

Alas, apparently that’s not my way.

Instead, the past few days have been spent as follows:

  • Last week: holiday in Wales, yay! Hi Granny and Grandpa!
  • Tuesday: drive back from holiday in Wales. Promise to look at year abroad insurance with Dad when we get back and make packing list. Actually take Milo for a walk, watch telly.
  • Wednesday: think about packing. Decide that time would be better spent clearing out my room. 3 hours later realise that the last time I touched any of this junk was probably 10 years ago.  Take Milo for a walk. Go to town (productive) for lunch with family friend (hi Lyndsay). Email my friend Maria who is going to Coimbra too about flat hunting. Do more room sorting. Realise I haven’t done anything actually useful so activatEU card, yay! Watch the Call Centre.
  • Thursday: Clear room some more. Panic about not having done anything for Year Abroad, then… Go to Lakeside. Obviously. Buy awesome new shoes (perfect for sightseeing, therefore technically preparation) and new clothes. Try to leave at 5pm with Mum and Bruce (brother), get stuck near M25 for YEARS. Turn around, much confusion, wobble back home via B roads. Obviously too tired for Year Abroad now so have a Chinese, buy more clothes online, watch the Call Centre again.
  • Friday: Serious Day. Finish bedroom, put everything in bin bags around the house (technically clean!), do a proper packing list, figure out details of EU card via Facebook (Dank je Laura!), cook actual nice scrambled eggs for lunch (not relevant but my first good ones EVER so worth a mention), go to town for real serious things like the bank, look at year abroad insurance. Realise that if I do anything to any of my belongings or limbs I will need different insurance. Oops. Buy new insurance. Wrap presents! Write blog.

So now preparations have begun In Earnest. Tomorrow was meant to be fun day but due to lack of packing thus far it will have to contain at least a little packing.

Also, tomorrow is Thomson Unofficial Birthday. What’s that, you ask? Well, my 21st birthday is on the 6th of September, aka 4 days after I leave, and my brother Bruce’s 19th will be on the 13th, aka 7 days after he goes off to be a Fresher (freshaaaaas) in Edinburgh. Also, my mum’s birthday was 2 days ago, but because it was so close to ours it got grouped in and pushed back. Soz mum. SO, basically my Dad thought it would be nice for us all to have a big unofficial birthday before we go. Which is tomorrow! Another nice distraction from packing, thank you very much.

No, but in all honesty the preparations are going well. I know roughly how much money I’ll have, I’ve got a hostel bed for the first week, I changed the date of my flight to one that’s actually appropriate, I’ve Facebook Met my buddy for next year, I can officially soothe the pain of my hypothetical lost limb with the thought of free insurance cash, I’ve even booked my first weekend away (for my official birthday next week – I’m meeting Maria for sightseeing and a night out in Lisbon!) and I even know pretty much what I’m taking with me.


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