Berlengas Island


September 17, 2013 by mariannat92

On Sunday it was our first Erasmus trip out of Coimbra and we went to… Berlengas Island!

I know I had never heard of the island before I went there so for those of you who don’t know, it’s a tiny national park off the coast of Peniche, about halfway up Portugal. According to Lonely Planet, it’s known for its ‘shocked-rock formations and gaping caverns’ and flocks of guillemots and other sea birds. All I can say is it’s really pretty nice.

We set off from Coimbra at 8.30am. I was late, needless to say, so unfortunately me and Maria were pretty much the last people on the bus, but woo big leg room downstairs seats! We slept almost all the way there and then met up with everyone else when the bus stopped for a bit. Then I realised quite how bad the weather was. Great day for a beach trip! Then we arrived at Peniche. Even worse weather. Me and Tash were happy though, look. (Apologies Tash for nicking your photo!)


This is just before the choppiest sea crossing I have ever had! The guys from the ferry even went round handing out sick bags – seemed a bit panicky but after being thrown around on the boat by the huge huge huge waves it suddenly started to seem sensible!

As we arrived on the other side the sun suddenly appeared, it was like the island knew we were coming! And look, what a beautiful place!


We had lunch in the island’s only restaurant (which was absolutely DELICIOUS, we all had the nicest sea food!) Then we went for a walk around the island to have a look at the scenery and see the old fort there. The fort is a hostel now apparently, I really couldn’t imagine staying there but it was awesome to look at in the day time! Here it is…


It was an INCREDIBLY steep climb down, you can see it here! Here everyone is at the bottom…


And here’s me and Annie enjoying the very narrow path across. Not great for me, you already know how rubbish I am on my feet so me plus flip flops plus a very narrow bridge with no safety rail was pretty scary. Kudos to Annie for being an amazing Marianne-catcher the millions of times I did slip.


After the fort we all went to the beach for a chill and me and Annie rented snorkelling kit. Pretty awesome if I do say so, we saw clown fish, sea horses, puffer fish, dolphins, a killer whale… Yeah. We did see a little brown fish. He was quite nice.

It was such a nice day, the island is absolutely incredible and I would love to go back! I wish we’d spent a bit more time on the beach, maybe next time!


2 thoughts on “Berlengas Island

  1. Annie says:

    I feel like the star of this story xx

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