The Colour run!!! Our weekend in Porto

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October 1, 2013 by mariannat92

This weekend we went to the Colour Run in Porto! For those of you who haven’t heard of the Colour Run, it’s a bit like the Indian festival Holi, only you do a 5km run while people throw paint at you. This weekend there was a run in Porto, about an hour and a half from Coimbra, so of course we had to take part!


Woop go Team Erasmus Coimbra!

1374153_10151603348222261_1217373351_nMaria and I also met up with our friends Cameron and Pia from Manchester, who are also living in Portugal this year.

The day was a lot more about colour than running, as you can probably tell by the state of us in the second photo, and it was SO fun! I would really recommend the colour run, there are events all over the world and I’ll definitely be checking it out again when it comes to Coimbra and when I’m back in the UK.

After the run there was an after party with yet more colours but after a couple of hours it started raining so we made a run for it back to the hostel ready to get exploring!

Needless to say that the paint proved quite difficult to wash off… By the time we were all clean (well, more or less…) it was about 11pm, so after we’d gathered everyone together we headed into the city for dinner. My group decided to look for somewhere close to the University (Porto is expensive!) and found a really nice and extremely cheap restaurant for Portuguese food. We had planned to go for a huge Erasmus night out but unfortunately after an early start, quite a lot of overexcited running & dancing and finally discovering that it rains a LOT in Porto, nobody was really feeling it so most people went back to the hostel.

Cameron, Adam, Gemma and I were still in the holiday spirit, forever, so we went to a cheap studenty bar for beers (where we bumped into loads of other Coimbra Erasmus students, how strange!) and then we tried out the main bar streets near the Torre dos Clerigos. After a while though tiredness won, and I had to go home for a sleep.

The next day I went exploring with Maria and Adam. It was raining again so we were not in the best of spirits, but I can see how Porto would be an incredible place to visit in the summer. I will definitely be returning in the spring!


The view from the Torre dos Clerigos – it was really quite rainy by this point…


In the afternoon we went to the other side of the river to look at the port houses, and I’m so glad we did! The view from this side is much better and you can see these pretty boats, which belong to the various vineyards along the River Douro.


Of course we went to a Port tasting! However, we were feeling a bit poor by this point so rather than actually tasting things we just bought a half bottle between the three of us. I have never been a fan of Port before but this one was absolutely delicious! They also gave us these grapes, which were grown on the same vine as the grapes that made the wine. It was such a good idea and made the wine extra yummy.

Overall I’d say I didn’t really get to know Porto and it would be unfair for me to make a judgement, especially since it rained for the whole weekend! I will definitely back over the course of the year! I really enjoyed the Colour Run though, 10/10!


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