One Month Update


October 3, 2013 by mariannat92

I guess that as I landed in Portugal on the 2nd of September I have now officially been here for over a month. Though I can’t quite believe it, it feels like I’ve been here so much longer. Here’s some more news that I haven’t managed to include in my other posts.

Our House

Our house is now full! There are 6 of us living here now: Maria and I from Manchester, Vania and Bernardo from Portugal, Will from Southampton and Stefano from Italy. For weeks it was just four of us and we just assumed that it would stay that way, but then last Friday Will and Bernardo suddenly both took a room, which is brilliant!


We have also had a house dinner, made by the wonderful Stefano! It was actually the night before Will and Bernardo moved in (awkward) but the rest of us had a brilliant time. Afterwards Vania, Maria and I went to an incredible party at the Chemistry Faculty which was the icing on the cake.


We’re now three weeks into classes and I think I’m getting the hang of it. My main problem seems to be that I have taken 3 literature modules, all of which have pretty heavy reading lists (and, of course, they’re all in Portuguese). My Spanish module is really easy though which is great and my other two are more or less fine. At the moment we’re arranging exams, and, so far at least, it looks like I won’t have anything to do in January! So I’ll be finishing here a couple of days before Christmas, and then classes don’t start again until February, how luxurious…

As well as going to uni here, I’ve been speaking to Manchester a LOT about various admin problems. It has taken a couple of weeks now but now everything is sorted out and I should be ok for getting all my Erasmus funding and things like that. Finally!

Other stuff

  • I have a bank card! And a PIN number! Check me out!
  • Mum and Dad are coming to visit me in November!
  • There is a new nightclub here called TWIT. Ahahahahahaha
  • No matter how much I wash it, I still have a red streak in my hair from the colour run

2 thoughts on “One Month Update

  1. Alan Bodger says:

    David and Jane mentioned the blog. Congrats, a career in journalism awaits. Takes me back to summer of ’57 when I lodged at 113, Rua da Couraca (can’t do cedillas) Lisboa, near the Law Faculty. Less fun than you seem to be having, but then this was the Middle Ages.
    Mary sends her love,

    • mariannat92 says:

      Hi! That’s mad, Couraça is just around the corner from where I live! I live very near to the Praça do Comercio if that rings any bells? Will try and gather some good photos of the city to send to you, I’m sure not much has changes!
      Love to Aunty Mary,
      Min x

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