Hang on, don’t you study Spanish too?

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April 12, 2014 by mariannat92

When I tell people that I’ve been in Coimbra since September, I always get the same question – If your degree is Spanish and Portuguese, how come you don’t have to go to a Spanish speaking country too?

Well, I do, and now I’ve finally finalised my summer away I can let you know all about what my plans.



So this June I’m jetting off to Honduras for 9 weeks volunteering before going off travelling around Guatemala for a couple of weeks.

In Honduras I’m going to be working as a Spanish literacy teacher for Honduras Child Alliance, a really great organisation that works in education in the town of El Porvenir on the north coast of Honduras. My job will be working in the Readers Club, helping kids to read and write in Spanish so that they can have better education, and thus work, opportunities in the future. As well as this there are evening English classes for adults that I’m really keen to get involved with. While I’m there I will be living in a volunteer house with other workers from around the world (mostly from the States from the look of the volunteer Facebook group) and will have weekends free to explore northern Honduras. I’m a bit nervous about using Latin American Spanish for the first time, and I’m sure the kids will have a great laugh at my European accent, but I am really looking forward to being back speaking Spanish again. I can’t wait to get going and I’m sure it’s going to be a really great experience!

After finishing in Honduras I’m planning on travelling up into Guatemala for a few weeks backpacking. I’ve been hearing a lot about Guatemala recently and it seems absolutely incredible, so I really can’t wait to go – at the moment I have no real plans, but Anwen (who was here in Coimbra for first semester) and her friend Bunty should be there at the same time as well so I’m hoping to meet up with them, especially for my 22nd Birthday at the start of September! Then on the 10th of September I’ll be back home to Suffolk for a few days before returning to Manchester for final year – the end to a very packed Year Abroad.

So those are my summer plans! Nearer to the time I’ll (hopefully) have a much better idea of what I’m doing, so stay tuned for an update then! Hasta luego chicos!


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